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  • Miltary students in the classroom.

On behalf of the state of Georgia, we thank you for your service. We know that transitioning from the military to the civilian sector can be challenging. We know first-hand how difficult it is to translate military skills and experience to find meaningful civilian jobs and household sustaining employment. We’re here to help.

We can help translate your military and civilian transcripts into potential credits toward certificates, diplomas and degrees depending on recency and your program of study. We also offer accelerated training programs in high demand careers at little to no cost if you are a Georgia resident or are stationed in Georgia.

If you need help navigating the world of higher education we’re your point of access to the state’s 29 public universities and 22 technical colleges, offering some of the nation’s highest rated programs, which are all regionally accredited and affordable.

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Stakeholders Town Hall Meeting - May 8, 2017

"The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center will host a town hall meeting for veterans, their families, and other interested stakeholders on May 8 at 11:00 a.m. to get feedback on how the medical center can continue to improve in their efforts to meet veterans’ health care needs. According to Dublin VA communications director Dr. Frank Jordan, the medical center holds town hall meetings for its stakeholders every quarter in order to ensure that they have a regular forum for making their opinions known. “We use a variety of approaches for communicating with our veterans, but these meetings give us a regular opportunity to interact with our veterans and other stakeholders face to face. Getting input directly from veterans and other stakeholders is an effective way to learn what we are doing well and how we can continue to improve our programs and services,” Jordan said. Stakeholders’ town hall and similar meetings give VA officials a chance to learn what stakeholders think is working well at VA and what they would like to see improved. The town hall meeting is one of many VA holds around the country to provide local veterans an open forum for voicing their opinions and for VA officials to hear directly from beneficiaries as a step toward improvement and to maintain trust among veterans and VA. The Dublin VA town hall meeting will be hosted by medical center director Maryalice Morro and will include a number of VA staff who will answer questions veterans and other stakeholders have about programs and services. Tables will be set up with information on VA and medical center programs. The town hall meeting will be in the medical center’s auditorium on the second floor of Building 2, and the meeting is open to anyone interested in veterans’ needs. For further information, contact Dublin VA communications director Dr. Frank Jordan at 478-274-5440 or " Read more...

Welding and Joining at VECTR - Summer Semester

"Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) will be offering Welding and Joining Technology courses beginning May 16th 2017 at the VECTR Center. " Read more...

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